Social rental housing

Social rented housing is cheap rental housing for people who do not have enough financial means to rent a home in the free sector. These homes are usually owned by a housing corporation . To be eligible for a social housing, you must meet certain conditions. For example, your income may not be too high.

Waiting lists
Major cities such as Amsterdam , Rotterdam , The Hague and Utrecht have long waiting lists for social rented housing. The rent of a social housing can not exceed the social rent limit. In 2018 this limit is 710.68 euros. This amount concerns basic rent (and therefore no rent including service costs).

Social rent
In order to qualify for a social rental home, you need to register with the municipality that determines how the housing will be distributed. You also need a housing permit. You can obtain this at the relevant municipality. The corporation that rents out the home can set requirements for your minimum income and family size. Furthermore, your income may not be too high. Housing corporations must allocate at least 80 percent of the social rented housing that is released annually to households with an income of up to 36,798 euros (2018). They can allocate at most 10 percent to households with an income between 36,798 and 41,056 euros. The remaining 10 percent may be allocated freely by housing corporations. In doing so, they should give priority to vulnerable households,

Frequently asked questions about social rented housing:
We have listed a few frequently asked questions about social housing for you, with the corresponding answers.

What are social rental properties?
Social rental properties are rental properties with a maximum rental price of 710.68 euros per month (2018) and are intended for people with a low or middle income. The social rented houses are usually rented out by housing corporations and housing associations.

What is the difference between social rent and free sector rent?
In the case of social rent, a maximum rent of 710.68 euros applies; all rental properties with higher rents fall under the free sector.

What is the maximum rent for a social rental property?
In 2018, the maximum rent for a social rental home is 710.68 euros per month.

Am I always eligible for a social rental property?
No, conditions are attached to renting a social housing. For example, your income may not be too high, you must be registered with the municipality of the relevant rental property and with an organization in that municipality that rents out social rental properties.