Newly built home

‘New construction’ is a frequently heard concept in both the buying and rental sector. It refers to homes that were recently delivered. Usually one speaks of ‘new construction’ until three years after delivery of the house, but there is no definite definition. In general, the residents of a new house are also the first occupants of the house. When people have already lived in the house, they speak of existing buildings . Many tenants and buyers have a preference for one of two.

Pros and cons new house
A new house can thus have its advantages. After all, the house is brand new, as are all facilities. This often means a kitchen that works well, a bathroom that works well and little to no maintenance jobs. Often whole neighborhoods are being pounded out of the ground at the same time. This means that tenants end up in a new neighborhood with all the comforts of it. A disadvantage could be that often there is still further building in the district itself or in the surrounding neighborhoods. This can sometimes lead to (short-term) nuisance. Another disadvantage is that new homes and neighborhoods often lack geniality and atmosphere. But for many people this does not outweigh the many benefits of a new home.

Rent new home
On you can easily find a complete overview of new homes available for rent. Look at new houses for rent and find the new house that meets your needs. Of course you can also visit the site for existing homes.

Frequently asked questions about new house:
We have listed a few frequently asked questions about new homes and the corresponding answers.

What is a new home?
A new house is a house that has just been completed. People usually speak of a new house for up to three years after delivery of the house.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a new house?
The advantages are that the house is completely new and therefore requires little maintenance. A disadvantage is that the house is not yet occupied, so you sometimes miss the atmosphere and atmosphere in the house. Renting a new home can also be more expensive than renting older homes.