A legal expenses insurance is an insurance policy that you can take out for when you enter into a legal dispute and need assistance from a lawyer or lawyer.

Legal expenses insurance can relate to various subjects, including ‘living’. If you get involved in a conflict, you will receive legal and financial assistance through your legal assistance insurance, for example when the case has to come before a judge. A legal expenses insurance is also useful as a tenant of a rented home. Do you disagree with your landlord or landlord, the landlord not his appointments and are you the victim or do you fight with the neighbors about the fence? Or has the landlord not properly maintained the roof of your home and has there been a leak? These are all examples of times when legal assistance insurance offers a solution.

Most insurers have their own team of lawyers that helps you to get you right in the conflict, but it is also possible that the costs of a lawyer are reimbursed.

Costs of legal expenses insurance
Do you earn less than € 2,930 gross per month including holiday allowance? Then you may receive financial support from the government when you need legal assistance. In that case, it is not necessarily necessary to take out legal expenses insurance. You can also always obtain free legal advice from a legal desk or a legal store.

Frequently asked questions about legal expenses insurance:
We have listed a number of questions about legal expenses insurance and the corresponding answers for you.

What is legal assistance?

Legal aid is legal assistance in conflicts. This can apply to various topics, such as traffic conflicts, housing conflicts and labor disputes.

Which legal assistance insurance is of interest to me as a tenant?
There are many different insurance companies that offer legal expenses insurance, where you can choose from different categories or modules. For tenants is the heading ‘living’ or a name that seems important. You can compare legal expenses insurances to see which insurer offers the best conditions or the cheapest insurance.

What are the advantages of legal expenses insurance?

When you have to take a lawyer or a lawyer in hand or if you want to bring a conflict to court, it will cost you a lot of money. With a legal expenses insurance you pay monthly premium, but you will never be faced with unforeseen legal costs.

What are the disadvantages of legal expenses insurance?

A legal expenses insurance does not mean that you automatically get the right or that your conflict is always treated: if there is not enough confidence that the case can be won, it is sometimes not dealt with. In addition, most insurers work with a waiting period, which means that current conflicts are not covered by a new insurance policy.